4 Machine-Free Simple Exercises Women Should Do During Early Pregnancy

exercise during early pregnancy

It is a known fact that most women put on extreme weight during their months of pregnancy. And the tougher part is to get rid of that pregnancy fat. While doctors actively advise their patients to do light exercises even during pregnancy, many women end up skipping them all over. But, you should never do that. Light exercises, even hand movements can keep you active and can help you give birth to a healthy baby. So, if you are excited enough to start exercising during your pregnancy, here are a few that you should definitely be doing.

Now, without much further ado, let us check out what these exercises are.

1. Traveling Plank

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Planks are extremely beneficial for you. If you add a movement to that, you can make it even more beneficial. So, while doing this exercise concentrate on your chest muscles and it’ll help keep your body in shape.

Step 1 – Keep your body in the plank position. Make sure that your torso is straight and firm.

Step 2 – Now, slowly lift your right hand and place it to your right. Then pick your right leg and do the same.

Step 3 – Come back to the first position and repeat the same with your left hand and left leg.

2. Raise Your Rear Laterally

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This exercise, besides being one of the most simple exercises to try out during the pregnancy period, is a great way to achieve toned and beautiful arms. So, gear up and follow the steps to get the perfect breasts and arms.

Step 1 – Bring your feet close and stand straight.

Step 2 – Now bend your knees slightly forward and push your hips backwards until your torso is parallel to the ground.

Step 3 – Push your hands forward and stretch them.

Step 4 – Come back slowly to the first position and repeat.

3. Yoga

Yoga is one of the simple exercises to try out during pregnancy without the use of machines or other gym props. Yoga lifts your breasts, shapes your body and helps you to maintain your figure despite all that you eat during your mood swings. The triangle pose and the standing forward pose are especially beneficial for attaining the perfect figure.

4. Swimming Will Go A Long Way

Swimming is another beneficial exercise to give shape to your rapidly changing body. It does not only affect your whole-body weight in just one hour of practice, it also effectively reduces the sagginess and makes your breasts look firm and your hips shaped.

Wrapping Up

All this being said, the most and also foremost important thing you need to keep in mind is to consult your doctor before trying out these exercises. Since he or she is the one who will be checking up on you, do not forget to follow their guidance and only then try your hand at any kind of exercise. This not only helps you give birth to a healthy baby but also reduces the chances of miscarriage.

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