5 Easy Exercises For Pregnant Women For Painless Delivery

5 Easy Exercises For Pregnant Women For Painless Delivery

Are you are carrying a developing fetus in the uterus? You know the struggle is real. From avoiding excessive caffeine to saying no to saunas altogether. No one could really understand other than a pregnant woman whose wardrobe is useless as her pretty clothes won’t fit her anymore and she has to get some new ones. Trust me, you are not alone in this. Moving on, while you are pregnant, it is of utmost importance to keep your body moving. We will mention Exercises For Pregnant Women in our post.

Some Significant Things To Keep In Mind Are:

  • Stay away from heavy lifting and bending.
  • Drink enough water throughout the day.
  • Keep your caffeine intake in control. (Hard for people addicted to coffee but you have to do it anyway).
  • Meditate regularly to keep yourself calm and away from anxiety because that is not good for either of you.
  • Indulge more into chocolates (one super good thing about pregnancy).
  • Make sure you stay in a positive environment at all times. Watch comedy shows and make sure you surround yourself with good vibes.

Important Tips For Exercises For Pregnant Women:

Take a 15-seconds break between each exercise. You can go with some stretching between the break.

5 Easy Exercises For Pregnant Women For Painless Delivery
5 Easy Exercises For Pregnant Women For Painless Delivery

You need to take good care of yourself at this point. With this in mind, here are some easy exercises that you can either perform regularly or alternately:

1. Pelvic Muscles Exercise

Keep both hands on your hips and slowly push the back region out. Take it in again and repeat. Follow this for around 10 times. It will help the body cope with the growing weight of the baby. Pregnancy could weaken the pelvic muscles-the muscles that keep the bladder closed. It is necessary for pregnant women to perform this exercise.

2. Different Type Of Squats Exercises For Pregnant Women

  • Stand with shoulder-width apart and join both hands in front of your chest. Slowly bend your knees and get back up. Besides, knees should not go down your toes. Take breaks in between every squat and keep your abdominals tight. Repeat this for 15-20 times with sufficient breaks in between and do not push too hard.
  • Stand with your legs wide apart and knees slightly bent with toes pointing out. It is mandatory to look after the posture at all times. Subsequently, lower your upper body and start making squats. Another important point that is often overlooked is that at the lowest form of the exercise the knees form a 90-degree angle. Repeat this for around 10 times.

In case you are in the first trimester, you can go for weights.

3. Walkout 

Keep your hands by your side. Start with inhaling while bringing the hands up your head. Further to that, bring them down to the ground and slowly walk them out. Hold the plank position for a second and walk back in and repeat. Inhale while you move up and exhale going down.

4. Shoulder Strengthener Exercises For Pregnant Women

5 Easy Exercises For Pregnant Women For Painless Delivery
5 Easy Exercises For Pregnant Women For Painless Delivery

Keep your arms by your side and stretch them out. Move your arms in circles together and keep your back straight. Another key point is to focus on your posture to prevent any back injury while performing the exercises.

5. Step Touch With Abduction Exercises For Pregnant Women

Take the squat position and slowly take two steps towards the right side and lift the right leg gently up into the air twice. Then take the steps to the left and repeat the same.

Overall, you need to follow this routine regularly as exercising is good for you and the baby. It also helps you sleep better and keep you in a good mood altogether. 

Wake up woman, it’s time to get some exercise.

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