7 Workout Equipment At Planet Fitness

equipment at planet fitness

Cardio exercises cannot help you in losing that stubborn fat from the various parts of your body. Equipment at Planet Fitness is everything that you need for getting that dream body at home. Since the time the pandemic has hit the world, everyone has preferred working out at their homes only. But not everyone got favorable results because they didn’t have the proper equipment. Equipment at Planet Fitness are pretty affordable and are usually bought by people in bulk quantities. Only running will never get you the desired results. The Equipment at Planet Fitness helps you in building strength, and your muscles get strong. It will tighten up all of the loose fat and give you a toned body.

List of Equipment At Planet Fitness To Help You Get That Dream Body

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1. Horizontal Leg Press

A leg press with a seat is necessary for you if you are working on your hamstrings, quads, or calves. This is the machine that you can use as your go-to Equipment at Planet Fitness for your lower-body. It needs to be used properly to make its full use.

2. Lateral Pull-Down

It is used for the girdle of the shoulder, basically the broadest back muscle. If pull-up is your goal, then this machine will help you in achieving that goal by working on your back muscle successfully. It will strengthen the muscles of your back, making it stronger and helping you in pulling your body up.

3. Bar For Biceps

Huge biceps are easier to make with a cable bar of biceps. While doing with dumbbells, there is unnecessary swinging that happens because there is no platform for resting the elbows, but here since there is a cable, it is easier to pull it up. All that you have to do is pull up the cable using the dumbbell and slowly increase the weight.

4. Cable Bar For Triceps

The main focus here is on the Triceps. It is also known as a lateral pull-down. It will help you in strengthening your arms and building up muscles.

5. Chest Press

This Equipment at Planet Fitness is useful for strengthening-up your chest muscles, triceps, and biceps. The motion is similar to push-ups. Beginners must work on their biceps, triceps, and chest muscles.

6. Machine Used For Rowing

This is a machine that is used for cardio. It focuses on the entire body, and every muscle gets strengthen up. The movement is similar to that of Rowing. The work done is here similar to that done by a treadmill. But it is always good to try different exercises.

7. Hanging Raises With Legs

Leg raises are highly essential for losing lower belly fat and for hip flexors. It will help you in getting those abs easily.


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To recapitulate, Equipment at Planet Fitness is highly essential for losing weight and strengthening the muscles. Since cardio alone cannot do the needful, using heavyweight is necessary.

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