An Ultimate Guide To Brilliant Titan Fitness Equipment

titan fitness equipment

After using this titan fitness equipment, you will observe that they are effortless to maintain and help you achieve your fitness goals. If you want to make a home gym, then buying titan fitness equipment is the best option for you as it is not only budget-friendly but also of good quality. Anyone who is looking to build a home gym should go for titan fitness equipment. When you start doing work out, you will not know the accessories and safety options that are useful. You can also consider other fitness equipment like FringeSport, Rep Fitness, and Vulcan Strength.

Titan fitness equipment is the best option because you can get good quality at a limited price. All the equipment is effortless to move and transport. Also, this equipment will only burn your fat, not muscles. You may have seen people around you whose muscles get weakened or reduced after going to the gym. That’s because of using the wrong titan fitness equipment. Sometimes, excess cardio limits muscles’ ability to grow, so you should go for titan fitness equipment. There are many budget-friendly titan fitness equipment such as slam balls, medicine balls, sandbags, weight vests, plyo boxes, rings, and many more.

Know About These Amazing Titan Fitness Equipment

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You can easily buy titan fitness equipment online or through any fitness equipment shop around you. These equipment are of low price, but have good quality. The quality is not the best, but it is also not the worst. Titan fitness equipment has medium-quality, but there are some which you must buy. Have a look.

The Titan Power Bar

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You can use this fantastic powerlifting bar during squats. It is not an Olympic kind of bar; instead, it has powerlifting knurl marks, aggressive knurling. Due to the high tensile strength of steel, the power bar has less whip. Its high strength prevents the bar from permanently deforming or whipping throughout the lift. It also depends on your choice, whether you have a running or lifting selection. If you focus on powerlifting, where you have to do few reps and heavy lifts, then the titan power bar is the best option for you.

The Titan Flat Foot Power Rack

It is unique and one of the best power racks. You don’t need to bolt it down on the floor. It is essential to prevent your home gym flooring or garage from messing up. You can also extend this titan flat foot power rack either 10” or 24”, or double its size. It is the most sold one not only because of its price but also because of its versatility and size. The only not lovely thing about this power rack is lack of customer service, only 1-year warranty, low quality of welds, powder-coat, and it is sourced and manufactured overseas.


All this titan fitness equipment is impressive and easy to use. One can buy them, as they are worth the price. Also, they are the most suitable option for home-gym.

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