An Ultimate Guide To Pregnancy Stretching Exercises

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For pregnant women stretching exercises can offer various benefits. It helps you to stay relaxed, fit and also prepares you for your labor. Most importantly, it can help you to ease some of the pains and body aches that you might be currently experiencing. 

However, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind before starting the practice of pregnancy stretching exercises. Relaxin (Hormone) is present in the human body, but during pregnancy, the level of this hormone rises to relax the ligaments and cervix. 

So, to avoid any complications, try to consult your doctor before starting the practice of pregnancy stretching exercises. 

But here are a few pregnancy stretching exercises to help you during this challenging time. 

List Of Pregnancy Stretching Exercises For Various Purposes

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Exercise For Sciatica And Back Pain

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The most famous exercise to get rid of back pain and sciatica is cat-cow. 

The stretching exercise will help you to strengthen your lower back gradually and will decrease your lower back and hip pain. Also, it will assist you with round ligament pain. 

This pregnancy stretching exercise is also good to increase spine mobility and circulation of your spinal fluid, which helps in lubrication. 

The equipment needed for a cat-cow is a yoga mat.


  • Start with all fours. Keep your feet flat on the yoga mat and shoulders directly over your wrists and hips over your knees. 
  • Inhale through your nose and drop your belly. It will make your back like an arch. But remember to keep your shoulders rolled back and down while looking slightly upward and forward. This yoga posture is similar to the posture of a cow. 
  • Now, as you exhale through your mouth, press into your hands and upper back while looking towards your belly. This poster is similar to the posture of a cat. 
  • Continue this exercise at least five times to see the changes. 

Exercise For Legs

The most famous and effective stretching exercise for legs is the forward fold. The large muscles of the legs run along the back of your thighs and get tired during the pregnancy. The tightness in the hamstrings can lead to leg pain, poor movement patterns, and low back pain. So, to get rid of these issues, try this exercise which requires no equipment. 


  • Stand on a mat with your feet slightly apart and toes pointing towards the front. 
  • Slowly lean forward and lower your hands towards the mat. 
  • Continue this movement till you feel some stretches on the back of your legs. 
  • You can also put your hands to one side to feel a good stretch. 
  • To see the changes repeat this exercise three times. 


During pregnancy, women feel a lot of changes in their bodies. So, to ease some pain because of these changes, pregnancy stretching exercises can act as a boon.

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