Are You Waiting For A Baby? Monitor Your Babie’s Heart Using This Amazing Doppler Device!

A fetal Doppler ultrasound baby heartbeat detector always comes with its own set of instructions for operating the device. They have a package insert that says it can be used from your 12th week of pregnancy. Although they come with a disclaimer that the results are likely to vary. There is a screen which shows you the heartbeat of the baby. It also shows you the battery level of the device. They are also quite compact and so it is easy to carry them. They are also equipped with a built-in loudspeaker that gives better and clearer sound quality. Besides, they are well-equipped with a 2.5 MHz ultrasound frequency. Get your Fetal Doppler Ultrasound Baby Heartbeat Detector now.


  • Material: ABS Plastic
  • Color: Pink+White
  • Display: 45mm×20mm
  • Gestational weeks: 16 weeks
  • Working Temperature: 5 – 40 Deg.C / 41 – 104 Deg.F 
  • Working Humidity: 15 – 85%
  • Atmospheric Pressure: 86 – 106kPa 
  • Storage / Transportation Temperature: -20 – 55 Deg.C / -4 – 131 Deg.F
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  • They are easy to operate and handle so you can carry them around. 
  • They are not expensive and so you can keep one at home.
  • They are known to reduce the anxiety level of the doting mother. 
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  • One major concern of using these Doppler ultrasound heartbeat detectors at home is that they slightly heat your bodily tissue. When you are using them at home, there is no one to direct you and the prolonged heat may increase the risk of certain abnormalities. They can also potentially lead to pregnancy loss if not used carefully. 
  • These Doppler can also expose your baby to increased heat and if they are being used frequently, then it is a risk to the baby as well. So if the person is not well-trained in using these devices, then the device may have the theoretical potential to affect the child.
  • These devices are not equipped with any medical benefits like the diagnostic ultrasound that can detect certain problems for your safety. 
  • It requires proper training to use the device well, otherwise, you simply won’t be able to hear anything. Without proper training and guidance, there are possibilities that you may misinterpret a signal. It will cause you to be in a state of panic.


You may need constant reassurance during the time of your pregnancy that all is well with the baby. And this may tempt you to buy these Doppler ultrasound heartbeat detectors. So if you are interested in buying them, you should learn how to use them well to avoid problems. You must also ensure that you do not overuse them. Also, remember to always use it under the guidance of your doctor or any healthcare worker who is well-trained to use the device so that they can direct you.

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