Benefits of Exercise With Pregnancy Exercise Balls

pregnancy exercise balls

If you are pregnant and looking for ways to keep your energy up during the day, pregnancy exercise balls can be a great idea. These small, flexible balls are full of bouncing energy and can help you keep your energy up even on the busiest of days. It can also help you reach those weight loss goals that you have been putting off! Here are some simple pregnancy exercises balls tips to get you started!

Warm Up

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The first thing to do when using pregnancy exercise balls is to warm up. Start by standing on the ball with your feet hip distance apart. Then, using both hands, slowly pull yourself up onto the ball as if you were trying to push yourself away from an elevated surface. Be careful not to bounce the ball against your leg!

Once you have warmed up, you can begin to work out your upper body. Hold the ball in front of your chest and roll your shoulders back and forth. Remember that it is not recommended that you use your arms to pull the ball up. Instead, focus on keeping the muscles of your shoulders locked and core tightened. Try to work your muscles from the ribcage down to your lower back.

You should now be able to see that the focus of your workout should be on your lower body and not your upper body. That is why it is important to focus on keeping your core muscles tight during your pregnancy exercise balls routine. If you were to let your arms hang as you worked the ball, you would end up tearing your rotator cuff muscles. So make sure you keep your shoulder blades tight!

Try The Stretching Exercise

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If the pregnancy ball is not heavy enough for you to handle, hold it between your knees as if you are sitting on it. Then extend your arms straight out in front of you. Make sure your elbows do not go outside the length of your arm. Relax and repeat. This should help to loosen up your muscles and will also give you a nice stretch.

Now here is a fun pregnancy exercise ball trick! The key is to flip the ball over so that it is sitting up, not down. To do this, simply raise one arm so that the other is behind it when it is facing up. Then flip the ball over so that it is facing down. Now your lower arm is supporting the ball as it is now sitting up and your upper arm is now supporting the same part of the ball that it was when it was turned over!

What Does This Mean?

Well, it means you can do more strenuous workouts with less risk of injury. Not only will you be strengthening and toning muscles, but you will be increasing your cardio vascular endurance as well. Remember, the harder and longer you can do the workout, the better you will feel about yourself!

Summing Up

Finally, one of the best parts is that they are fun. As you can tell from the list above, they aren’t just for moms! Even dads can take advantage of this low impact activity that helps with balance, muscle tone, fitness, posture, and of course, reduces fatigue. No wonder pregnancy is one of the safest times to exercise!

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