Best 3 Third Trimester Pregnancy Exercise Tips

pregnancy fitness tips

If you are pregnant and want to be fit, pregnancy fitness tips are available for you. You are likely one of the few women who has managed to get through pregnancy without any strenuous exercise. However, if you have always worked out regularly in the past, it is important that you do so after you have given birth. Pregnancy fitness is different from training – it includes a variety of exercises that you can do safely and painlessly. These exercises will help you not only get back your pre-baby body but also prepare your body to nurture a growing baby.

A lot of women who suffer from pregnancy complications don’t even consider exercise as part of their routine. For these women, pregnancy fitness tips include finding a workout partner. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on personal trainers – you can find a workout partner by joining an online fitness community or by attending monthly pregnancy classes at a health club. Here are some pregnancy fitness tips that you can use to find a workout partner.

Pregnancy Fitness Tips

Pelvic Floor Exercises

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The pelvic floor is a muscle that helps to support the abdomen when you are pregnant. This muscle gets tense whenever you are about to have a baby. You can use pelvic floor exercises to strengthen this muscle and make your abdominal muscles stronger, which can lead to a reduction in blood pressure and a reduction in the risk of premature labor. Pelvic floor exercises are simple to do and are safe for both the mother and the baby.


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Another basic pregnancy fitness tip is to make sure you stretch properly during pregnancy. This can increase blood flow to the uterus, which helps to prevent the contraction of the placenta. Besides stretching, you should also engage in light cardiovascular exercises, which strengthen your heart and lungs.

Power Walking

This may sound like a strange subject for an article about pregnancy fitness tips, but it is a very good exercise that can be done without much of a workout. Power walking can be done at any time of the day. You can even do it while watching television. You don’t need much skill for power walking, just use your legs to propel yourself forward.

bicycling. bicycling is another exercise that can be done without much of a workout. Just go with someone else if you are biking indoors. Power walking or stair-climbing are two other cardiovascular workouts that you can do when you are pregnant. Bicycling is a good exercise during pregnancy because it helps to increase your overall fitness level.


One of the best ways to be healthy during pregnancy is to take advantage of walking as an exercise. For many pregnant women, walking is an alternative option to other cardiovascular workouts.

Walking is oftentimes the first thing that a pregnant woman does in her day. Therefore, this should be one of the primary fitness activities to get ready for pregnancy. Walking is a good way to burn calories, improve your flexibility, stretch your muscles and prepare your body for childbirth.


Swimming is also an excellent alternative option to other cardiovascular workouts for pregnant women. Swimming not only helps you lose weight, it improves your overall health. Swimming is considered to be an excellent exercise because it helps to maintain a healthy heart and it also helps to lower your blood pressure.


Dancing is a wonderful form of exercise which can help you keep your blood flowing. It is important for a pregnant woman to stay physically fit because it will improve her overall mental, emotional and physical health. Dancing is a wonderful activity that allows a pregnant woman to express her feelings and it also helps to relax her and increase her personal human performance. Most of the modern dances developed for pregnant women include pelvic swaying, hip swirling and ballroom dancing.


Yoga is another excellent form of physical exercise that will help to reduce stress and improve your overall fitness. There are many pregnancy yoga exercises that can help to keep you mentally fresh while preparing you for labor and delivery. Some of the poses like the tree pose and cobra pose will increase flexibility whereas other poses like the boat pose and downward facing dog will increase your flexibility.

Final Thoughts

Pilates is another one of the best third trimester pregnancy exercise programs. Pilates works on your abdominal muscles by elongating them. This type of exercise will help to keep your abdomen muscles strong and flexible.

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