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Throwing your shoes, sports bra, water bottle, top, and pants into a gym bag for that after-work fitness class, then carrying a second bag with your phone, laptop, tampons, and 500 other “just in case” goods is a sign of being a competent adult. The only thing worse than bringing a gym bag to work is bringing one that makes you appear like you’re on your way to a two-week break. The flavorscolorsThe best women’s gym bags are made to be reliable and effective exercise partners. Who wouldn’t want to work up a sweat with a buddy? While we try to treat our bodies as temples, our gym bags aren’t often treated with the same respect. What if we replaced our old, filthy holdall with a high-quality, fashionable training bag? The best women’s gym backpacks have been designed to make staying in shape easy and efficient. They include elements that make getting ready for a workout less painful and time-consuming. Plus, they’re attractive and classy, which is handy because you never know who you’ll run into.

Puma Everest Dispatch Duffel

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The Everest Duffel from Puma makes working out seem effortless. Or, at the very least, it puts you on the treadmill and one step closer to enjoying a slice of cake at home. Puma’s renowned apparel is known for creating bold design statements, and this top-rated gym bag is no exception. We like how small and hefty it is, and there are so many colors to choose from. The Grey and Coral combo is one of our favorites. The bag is also a buddy to those of us who have a lot of workouts gears like shampoos, conditioners, hairbrushes, deodorants, and perfumes etc. Whatever it is, there’s a pocket for anything in this bag.

There are two top handles for convenient carrying, as well as a removable and adjustable shoulder strap too.

Alo Yoga Stow Backpack

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If you only want the best, Alo Yoga’s Stow Backpack is the high-end, high-quality, and high-impact workout bag you’ve been looking for.

The backpack has bungee straps at the bottom to carry a yoga mat, making it ideal for taking to a yoga session. This means you won’t have to manage a mat, a phone, and a cup of coffee while walking across town. For those who want their exercises to be a bit less zen and a little more Zumba, the Stow Backpack would function just as well as a gym bag. The bag appears to be tiny, yet it is packed with fascinating features. First, there are three outside pockets for convenient access to gym cards, padlocks, or pre-aerobics munchies.


We’ve produced a list of the finest women’s gym bags that are sure to become your new exercise companions, whether you intend to sprint straight from work to the studio, fit in a few lunch-break burpees, or commit an entire Saturday morning to sweat.

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