Crossfit Workouts For Moms: Safe For Pregnant Women

Crossfit Workouts for Moms: Safe for Pregnant Women

Crossfit workouts for moms are in any way good for their physique. They facilitate you with endurance, strength, and a fit and attractive body. However, they are often considered bad for pregnant women. Many people believe that Crossfit workouts can be risky for pregnant women.

Contrary to popular belief, there are many Crossfit workouts that are safe and highly effective for women in pregnancy. 

What Is Crossfit Workout?

CrossFit largely focuses on constantly varied, high-intensity, functional movement. These types of workouts involve weightlifting, bodyweight exercises, indoor rowing, swimming, running, and calisthenics to name a few.  

Crossfit workouts are relatively more difficult than other workouts hence many believe that expecting women should not indulge in Crossfit workouts. However, lowering down the intensity of your Crossfit workout during this time can do for you and you are all good to go with your workout. 

Crossfit Workouts for Moms: Safe for Pregnant Women
Crossfit Workouts for Moms: Safe for Pregnant Women

Benefits of Crossfit

Some major benefits of Crossfit workouts for moms are:

  • Reduction in back pain
  • Reduction in ankle swelling
  • Reduced chances of abnormal weight gain
  • Uplifts mood and boosts energy
  • Post-partum well built body

Crossfit Workouts For Moms

One of the biggest reasons to do Crossfit is that it prepares the body for labor and childbirth. Your core muscles, pelvic floor, abdominal muscles, and everything is strengthened in this workout which makes it easier for you to bear labor pain. 

You can do Crossfit workouts provided that you have, at least for six months prior to your pregnancy, trained in Crossfit workouts. If that is so, you can low-intensity Crossfit workouts with ease. If you are new to this, we highly recommend it to consult your doctor before trying your hands into it.

What Is Low-Intensity Crossfit Workouts For Moms? (Expecting Moms)

Low-Impact Crossfit Exercises Include:

  • Squats

If you thought these squats are the normal, mediocre squats, you are wrong. These squats are overhead squats. Yes, you read that right. Overhead squats work wonderfully on the lower parts of your body. They strengthen your core muscles and provide great stability to your muscles.

  • Pushups

No, you are heading in the wrong direction again. These pushups are not regular ones. These are elevated pushups. You do these pushups while staying elevated by keeping your hands on a firm support, say, a bench or a wooden block. Do elevated pushups in the second and third trimester especially to avoid hurting your belly.

Crossfit Workouts for Moms: Safe for Pregnant Women
Crossfit Workouts for Moms: Safe for Pregnant Women
  • Rowing 

Rowing perhaps is the most crucial element of Crossfit workouts. With the mention of Crossfit workouts, a woman doing rowing extensively immediately comes in our minds. It is a low-impact activity that is safe and effective too.


As mentioned above, Crossfit workouts for moms is a good idea and it is safe and effective for expecting moms too but with certain precautions. You need to be extra careful with your exercises if you’re pregnant.

To be on the safer side, always consult your doctor first before taking up any exercise or fitness regime regularly.  

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