Yoga Poses For Moms: A Path To Self Discover, Must Read!!

Yoga Poses For Moms: A Path To Self Discover, Must Read!!

Yoga is not about self-improvement, it is all about selfacceptance. Are you trying to find enough reasons to get indulged into yoga regularly? Today we have come up with effective yoga poses for moms to follow regularly.

What Is Yoga? 

Yoga is a Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline which focuses on the internal aspect and increases body awareness. It includes breath control, meditation and various physical poses which increase the blood circulation in our body. Blood flow is very important in the overall functioning of our body.

Benefits Of Yoga Poses For Moms:

  • Improves posture

Yoga focuses on the spine and helps in improving posture.

  • Strengthen the muscles

Regular practice will strengthen the muscles of your arms, back, legs, and core.

  • Improves flexibility

Yoga improves the flexibility of the body if practiced regularly.

Yoga Poses For Moms: A Path To Self Discover, Must Read!!

Yoga Poses For Moms: A Path To Self Discover, Must Read!!

Here Are Some Basic Yoga Poses For Moms That You Can Practice Regularly:

Utthanpadasana (the raised legs pose): Beginning Of Yoga Poses For Moms

Get into the Savasana (corpse pose). Then, place your palms under your hips and join both the legs. Slowly start raising your legs without bending the knees. Further to that, stop at 60 degrees and then finally reach 90 degrees. Hold for 5 breaths and then slowly release. Remember to keep breathing. Utthanpadasana is very effective for the abdomen and the entire back.

Dhanurasana (The Bow Pose)

Lie down on your stomach. Then, bend your knees and hold the left ankle with your left and the right ankle with the right hand. Further to that, inhale and slowly raise your chest above the mat and simultaneously the ankles and thighs. Hold the breath while the weight of your body is resting on the abdomen. Tilt your head as far as you can and hold the posture as long as you can hold your breath comfortably. Then, slowly exhale bring your knees and arms back to the floor and release the ankles. This is one of the best poses of yoga, if practiced regularly, it could help in reducing back pain and releasing tension.

Chakrasana (wheel pose)

Stand with your feet apart and hands by the side of your thighs. Raise your right hand up and slowly bend it down towards the left side as much as your body allows. Keep your knees intact and do not bend them. Inhale while you bend down and while bringing your hands back down slowly exhale. Repeat the same on the other side. This exercise is good for the spine and helps reduce the fat on the side of your waist (love handles).

Virabhadrasana (the warrior pose)

Spread your feet wide apart and turn your body to the right. Turn the right foot slightly. Make sure the left leg remains in the same position(facing the front)and does not turn like the right leg. Join both the palms together and bring them above your head and slightly bend the right knee and take your hands back as much as you can. Hold the posture for a while and then release. Inhale while going back and then exhale while releasing the pose. Repeat the same on the other side.

Padahastasana  (forward bending): Ending Of Yoga Poses For Moms

Keep your feet apart and raise your arms straight up your head. Exhale and slowly bend down and it’s ok to bend your knees if you are a beginner. Then, touch your toes and breath in as you return up. This is excellent for the legs, knees, and abdomen.

Yoga Poses For Moms: A Path To Self Discover, Must Read!!

Yoga Poses For Moms: A Path To Self Discover, Must Read!!

What are you waiting for? Start today and make sure you are consistent. Also, keep yourself hydrated to get better results. Another key point is to enjoy every move you make.

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