Exercise Ball And Pregnancy- How Are They Related

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If you have ever been to a birthing class, you already know that most people sit around bouncing on the exercise ball. Did you know that it is one of the best ways to facilitate labor, and the bouncy oversized balls are used for functional purposes? Most trainers say that pregnant mums should use exercise balls because they will help strengthen the legs, back, and core muscles. It is also a great relaxation and physical relief source so that you no longer can people have pregnancy woes. Today we are going to talk about the relativity between exercise wall and pregnancy and how it will be beneficial for the help of the mother and the child. 

Shoulder Blade Squeeze

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You have to sit up straight on the ball and start relaxing your arms. Your hands should be by your side or at an angle of 90°, and the palms can face up or down. Now you have to squeeze your shoulder blades together and hold them for about 10 seconds. Release after that, and you can perform ten repetitions. This will help in improving posture so that the health of the fetus is not compromised. 

Shoulder Press

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Now you have to Grab a set of dumbbells and sit on the ball. Then you can bend your arms and lift them to the shoulders height. You will feel the tension and try to hold the posture for about 10 to 15 seconds. Once that is done, you can relax, which is repeated for about ten times. It will help in building body strength and core stability at the same time. 

Wall Squats

Now you have to stand a few feet away from the wall and squat down but make sure your hip does not hit the ground. You have to place the exercise ball in between the floor and your hips and start the squat motion. You can perform ten repetitions, and your hip strengthening will happen in this manner. According to the maternity experts, you can also try the transversus abdominis move, and it will help with your overall core strength when you are in labor. 

Other Methods

There are various options when it comes to using the pregnancy exercise ball. It can help you induce labor as well as dilate the cervix in a better manner. Once you go to the birthing class, you will know more about the moves. 

Whenever you are doing pelvic floor exercises, you can use the ball and make sure that your feet are firmly planted on the ground. Also, it would be best if you always went for support; otherwise, there can be accidental damage. 


Are numerous benefits of using a birthing ball, and you should always know how to use it. It is recommended that you use it after 24 months of gestation to get optimum effectiveness. Buy it now, and if possible, you can carry it to the hospital as well. 

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