Exercises For Lower Back Pain That Work

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Ladies, do not worry about back exercises. These are not only the most effective back exercises for males, they are also great back exercises for ladies as well, adding more muscular definition and toning the posterior region. Training the back is an excellent way to add size and definition to your body, not to mention reap the benefits of the various physical advantages, such as improving your general body posture and sport/lifting performance, as well as improving your core body strength. And by training the back, you are also training your body and its various muscles to use the maximum amount of energy in the shortest amount of time. This increases efficiency and reduces fatigue. Remember that efficient and powerful machinery is only as good as those who use and maintain it.

Exercises for Lower Back Pain

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Pull ups – Considered by many to be the single best back exercises out there, pull ups train the muscles on your back to pull up and maintain a specific position. While this sounds like one heck of a cliche, it is an excellent way to strengthen your back and gain a bit more definition. Many people tend to think of these as bicep curls or triceps extensions, but pull ups will train your entire upper body to move in unison, resulting in an extremely intense workout. In other words, if you want to get the most out of this exercise, use a resistance band or some type of handle to ensure you aren’t cheating.

Deadlift – Another one of my favorite back exercises, the deadlift recruits a vast array of upper and lower body muscles, and can be used in a variety of ways to address various issues. The basic motion is to lay on the ground, then pull yourself up by forcefully raising your legs, as you are moving up. Many people use the deadlift to build stronger abdominal muscles, which can be beneficial for those looking to lose weight as well.

Bent-legged Rowing – Probably the most commonly known exercise for the lower back, rowing helps to develop core muscles and builds strength in the muscles of the hips, torso, and pelvis. Rowing also helps to build leg strength, as well as upper body stamina and coordination. While rowing isn’t a full body workout like most other back exercises, it’s still a great option for overall conditioning and fitness. It’s a good idea to have a friend or spouse along for a row, especially if you’re training with a partner as they can offer encouragement and help you stay motivated during the movement.

Bent-over barbell row – Probably the most famous exercise known to bodybuilders, the bent-over barbell row helps you build a stronger core than any other exercise. The exercise is done by laying on a flat, low bench with a barbell positioned over your chest. Start in a standing position, with your elbows resting on the sides of your hands. Roll your shoulders forward until your arms are fully extended, and then return to the starting position.

The Erector Spinae – While not actually part of the spine, the erector spinae is an important muscle group that supports the spine and provides strength to various other smaller muscles. This large group of muscles works together as a team to help support the spine and allow it to bend properly. One of the best exercises to help develop this group of muscles is the standing cable crossovers. These exercises require a moderate amount of equipment, as they require both a floor and a set of dumbbells. Start out by warming up by walking around the room slowly, and then progress to doing ten sets of ten in each direction.

Other exercises you might be unfamiliar with include the lat pulldown and deadlift. Both of these exercises are excellent for developing a strong core, but they also help to strengthen other muscles throughout your lower body workout. Lat pulldown exercises can be done on a stability ball or with a partner, while the deadlift requires a rack to hang from.

End Note

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In addition to developing core muscles through the previously mentioned exercises, another way to strengthen the lower back muscles without using medicine balls or other equipment is through the use of special medicine balls. You can purchase these at your local sporting goods store or online at various retailers. As you begin to do your own home exercise program, you will notice that it really is not necessary to spend countless dollars on expensive gym memberships. You can get the same results that can be achieved with much less investment by doing your own home exercise programs.

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