Fitness Routine for Pregnant Ladies

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Pregnancy is one of the best journeys in a woman’s life.  Birthing a child and holding it in your arms gives immense joy. This journey of pregnancy is nine months. These nine months are very crucial for the mother. Extra care needs to be attended to by the pregnant lady. Frequent checkups at the gynecologist’s clinic are a must. Growth of the embryo should be monitored. Apart from this it is very important for the pregnant lady to stay fit during her entire gestation period. All the essential nutrients must be included in her diet so that the child born is not malnourished. Apart from diet she also needs to follow some fitness exercises for the better development of the baby.

Fitness Diet for Pregnant Ladies

Pregnant ladies need to take care of her diet minutely because she has to eat for two that is for herself as well as the baby. It is advised to increase the calorie intake as extra food is needed by the growing baby. Pregnant ladies need to add extra 500 calories to their diet per day so that all the needs of the embryo are met. Protein is a very important member of the diet. Protein forms the major embryo and is required for the growth of the baby. So, protein should be added in large quantities for a good diet. Some rich sources of protein are egg, chicken, chickpea, spinach and milk. Iron deficiency is very common among pregnant ladies. It should be taken proper care to eat iron rich food such as spinach, kale, bananas and beetroot. If it does not meet the body’s needs then supplement should be taken on recommendation of a physician. Vitamins like C, B-complex, folic acid and D play a very crucial role and need to be included in diet. These can be found in green leafy vegetables, seasonal fruits and vegetables available in the market. Though people consider fats as evil for health, all fats are not bad. Good amount of unsaturated fats needs to be taken. Fatty fishes like salmon contain Omega-3-fatty acid which is very healthy and provides strength to the embryo body. A well balanced diet includes all these nutrients in proper quantities for the embryo to grow normally.

Exercise plan for Pregnant Ladies

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Some people believe that pregnant ladies need 24 hours of complete rest. This statement is as false as it claims.  While expecting a child, one needs to be physically active because it indirectly affects the health and development of the baby. Mild exercises, walking, slight swimming and cycling on a fixed cycle is advised to the mothers to be. You need to start exercising gradually and under the guidance of your doctor. Your doctor may also suggest some yoga poses and the timings how you have to perform.

Some Extra Care during Pregnancy

During pregnancy it is advised to drink lots of water to keep the body well hydrated. Water is a major component which you cannot ignore. It is good if you avoid caffeine and tannin during your pregnancy. If you have the habit of drinking or smoking you need to quit as soon as possible. It affects the baby adversely. You cannot risk the life of your unborn child just for your addiction. Also remember never take any medication without consulting your doctor. Several drugs are harmful for the growing embryo.

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