For Every Pregnant Women Out There, Check This Amazing Seat Belt! You And Your Baby Safe In The Car!

It is not easy for pregnant women to go out without facing discomfort. It is especially hard for them to travel while sitting on the first seat. For their safety and comfort, the maternity seat belt is made. This gives them a lot of comforts and they can easily go out without worrying about their protection. They are uniquely designed to provide protection without having to compromise the safety of the child. The belt is secured below the belly and it fully avoids the baby bump. The seat belt ensures that the baby is completely safe from all the injuries and suffers no complications. 

Maternity Seat Belt 

Every going-to-be mother is very concerned about the safety of their unborn child. The maternity seat belt ensures that both the mother and the child suffer no complications. It is designed in such a way that it completely avoids the baby bump. With the baby belt, the mother won’t have to worry about the safety of their child. They will not only have full peace of mind, but this belt also proves to be valuable according to the money spent on it. The seat belt should be installed according to the type of car used by the ladies. It is one of the best choices because normal seat belts do affect the babies and their mothers. It is not easily movable or transferable. Find out if you need the maternity seat belt.


  • Size: 155 cm (length), 5 cm (width)
  • Material: ABS + PPC
  • weight: 0.25 kg
  • Package includes: (1) Maternity Seat Belt
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  • Maternity seat belts help to reduce injuries and the unborn babies stay safe. 
  • Going-to-be mothers can easily travel without having to worry about discomfort that might be caused to their babies. 
  • It lowers the risk of falls and encourages proper posture of the mother. 
  • Pregnancy aches and pains which might have been caused by road jerks will be prevented. 
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  • Maternity belts are safe but it is not advisable for pregnant ladies to wear them for longer journeys. 
  • It might decrease the blood flow to the abdomen which in turn can affect the supply of blood being provided to the baby. 
  • Maternity seat belts can be expensive, especially those belts that are thicker. 


It is definitely not safe for pregnant ladies to travel because they have the risk of hurting their unborn babies. Maternity seat belts provide support to the growing child and protect it from potential injuries. All the more, that the mother is tension free by ensuring proper support to the unborn baby. It is widely purchased because it comfortably fastens pregnant ladies to the car seat and ensures that their belly is safe. The size of the belt is 155cm x 5cm. It is very lightweight and weighs only about 0.25 kgs. The safety of the child is not compromised and the going-to-be mothers feel very safe, sound, and secure. 

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