Get Rid Of Your Mommy Pooch: Best Abs Workout For Moms

Get Rid Of Your Mommy Pooch: Best Abs Workouts For Moms

Pregnancy and childbirth changes your life upside down. While we have spoken and written much about how difficult parenting and motherhood is, few people acknowledge the struggle of a woman in maintaining her physique. It is not about the physique alone. Mommy Pooch reduces your efficiency too. It creates hindrances in your daily life activities. Many women follow a fitness regime but such a mild workout is not adequate enough to help you get rid of mommy pooch. Here is when Abs Workout For Moms comes in the picture.

What Is Mommy Pooch?

It leaves most women after pregnancy with a flabby, soft and weak belly which does not go away even after exercising a lot. The abdominal muscles are weak now; the medical term for this is diastasis recti. After pregnancy, the abdominal muscles get separated and become loose.

What Should You Do To Get Rid Of Mommy Pooch?

We deem Abs workout for moms best for mommy pooch. These exercises focus on regaining core strength. Besides, changing diet and other lifestyle habits having an effective fitness regime can help you gain your health easily.

 Best Abs Workout for Moms

Women find it difficult to manage work, children, and fitness altogether. Although it seems tough, it is not at all impossible. Here are some of the best abs exercises that will help you get rid of mommy pooch. 

Get Rid Of Your Mommy Pooch: Best Abs Workouts For Moms
Get Rid Of Your Mommy Pooch: Best Abs Workouts For Moms
  • Crunches

Crunches are perhaps very basic abs workout exercises for women. Many crunches are beneficial in the strengthening of core muscles. However, bicycle crunches are the best type of crunches that provide the abdominal muscles with strength and flexibility.

Bicycle crunches not only regain the core muscles but also affect the pelvic floor. It burns the extra fat from your stomach. This exercise makes you feel tired and you may feel a wee bit uncomfortable for the first few days while doing this. But eventually, your body will learn to adjust and soon you’ll get to see the results.

  • Planks

Planks are also popular among women. Many women do planks during their pregnancy too. Planks prepare the body for labor and childbirth. However, post-partum plank abs workout for moms is a little different from the usual one.

We know these planks as twisted planks or plank twists. This plank exercise helps in killing the excessive fat accumulated on the sides of your stomach. Post-pregnancy, there is a lot of fat around the crucial muscles of your body which must be eliminated to enhance muscle strength and muscle density. Plank twists do exactly that.

Get Rid Of Your Mommy Pooch: Best Abs Workouts For Moms
Get Rid Of Your Mommy Pooch: Best Abs Workouts For Moms
  • Kicks

Planks and crunches are less intense than kicks. This means you may not excel in kicks in your initial days. This exercise is much more brutal than those mentioned above. Hence, it is important to pay adequate attention to learn a thing or two in the initial stage. These focus not only on abs but also focus on lower belly flab. 

Scissor kicks are an exercise which aims at enhancement of the entire lower body portion. The muscles of the pelvic floor, abdomen, sides and the oblique muscles to name a few target areas of this exercise.


Paying some heed to your fitness has more to do with your efficiency and health than to your looks and appearance. Many young moms purposely ignore indulging in fitness. This happens because of the guilt; they feel guilty of leaving their kids at home alone and go out to workout. This psychology becomes the biggest enemy of your health. 

Focusing on positive sides of indulging into fitness such as better health and mental peace will help you in keeping pace with your health schedule.

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