How to Safely Exercise in Pregnancy 3rd Trimester

exercise in pregnancy 3rd trimester

A third trimester is a time when most women undergo exercise. However, exercise during pregnancy is not always advisable for some women. It is often recommended to ask your doctor first before you embark on any exercise regimen. This is because the changing body condition of pregnant women needs special care and attention. Thus, it would be best to take time and consult your doctor for a proper fitness program during pregnancy.

During pregnancy, it is important to be careful with the food you intake and eat just enough calories for your daily requirement. Thus, you have to follow a diet program to make sure that the baby grows healthy. You should also consider the physical requirements of your body during this time. To help you out with this, here are a few tips on what type of exercise is ideal during pregnancy.

Light exercise is considered the best exercise in pregnancy. It is characterized by low intensity and aerobic activity. To start a program, consult your doctor or a trainer to design an exercise routine that suits your physical condition. Based on your need, he will recommend an exercise program that is effective.

Exercise In Pregnancy 3rd Trimester

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The most common form of exercise in pregnancy is walking. You can choose to do brisk walking, jogging, swimming, or cycling. Whatever type of exercise you choose, you should make sure that it is done at least three times a week and that you complete the entire program. During this stage, it is also ideal to engage in a workout program such as yoga, Pilates, dancing, or playing games that require core muscles.

Another good form of exercise is yoga. You can either learn from a DVD or simply do a traditional class at home. In yoga, you focus on stretching exercises that help to improve your flexibility. It is also ideal for moms-to-be who are worried about their growing abdomen. Pilates is another exercise program that can help you tone your body and improve your balance during the third trimester of pregnancy.

A Much Ado

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Dancing is another enjoyable and low-impact workout that you can do at home. You can opt for short dance routines, which are done while watching television, reading, or napping on the bed. As you get used to the movement, you can then increase the level of intensity. The best thing is that it does not require much physical exertion, other than to swing your legs. If you cannot handle jumping or standing, dance mats are available to help you exercise your body.

Lastly, if you cannot stand or perform crunches or sit-ups, you can consider doing yoga exercises instead. This type of exercise is similar to gentle walking except that you stretch your muscles instead of engaging in a rigorous motion. It is also a low-impact exercise that you can easily do during pregnancy. Since it is similar to walking, you can easily fit it into your daily schedule. Some doctors even recommend yoga exercises to patients who are suffering from gestational diabetes.

Bottom Line

Exercise is an important component of a healthy pregnancy. It can make you feel tired and sluggish at times, but if done correctly, it will boost your energy and make you look great. The best way to exercise during pregnancy is through moderate exercise so that it does not pose too much of a danger to your baby. If you want to exercise in pregnancy 3rd trimester without harming your baby, you can take the advice of your doctor and start an exercise routine that you can follow faithfully for the rest of your pregnancy.

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