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ladies only gym

Ladies Only Gyms are for women only as long as they remain a member of the program. This is not a joke or a ploy by the organization to separate the sexes any more than it is a way to have only women join a program that accepts men. Any woman who signs on is a member and has the full rights to participate in all activities offered.

The Top Gym

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Xuay-Chi Fitness offers several different kinds of ladies gyms in the Phoenix area. The two most popular are Xuay-Chi Fitness and Club Lime. Both offer several different styles of classes for cardio workouts and strength training. Club Lime’s mission is “providing the finest female gym around” while Xuay-Chi Fitness is “dedicated to providing the very best in healthy, high-energy, high-impact workouts for women of all ages.”

There are a lot of benefits to choosing one or the other. For starters, the price is almost the same with each. However, Xuay-Chi Fitness offers monthly memberships where as the ladies only club only costs about $30 for a year. Either way, the prices are comparable, which leads me to the question of which is best.

Awesome Feature

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When looking at the gyms I would compare them to one another as well as overall. Where Xuay-Chi Fitness offers a more traditional circuit training style, Club Lime focuses more on using free weights. I personally enjoy using the free weights. Not only do they provide a much more complete workout but they are much safer. I personally prefer the safety of free weights over machines.

The next thing to consider when comparing the two is the overall atmosphere of the classes. Both clubs offer “bike-paced” style classes where you are constantly pushing yourself to go farther and harder. If you find yourself getting tired or sore easily, then the Xtreme Gym might be better for you. However, if you like a more laid back atmosphere with lots of fresh air and little stress then the Ladies Only Club will be for you. Both clubs have great workouts so really it comes down to what your personal preference is. After all, the choice is yours.

Check The Reviews

What I do recommend though is to do some research before committing. Read reviews online and read up on the clubs. Find out how long they’ve been in business and whether or not there are any reports of customer complaints. You can also do a search on Google to see which one has more positive reviews. There are certainly plenty of ladies left who like to work out so don’t let anything deter you from joining one of the greats!

If you’re a man then a ladies only gym might not be right for you. The reason is because they focus more on ladies than men. There are no cross trainers or other equipment for men. If you are going to a club that caters primarily to ladies then look for one that is not gender specific. For example, if you are a man looking to get in shape and stay fit then a women’s only gym might be a good fit.


If you know someone who’s already in the gym then take them with you. Ask them about the gym and how they feel about working out there. Even if they didn’t go there personally but saw a gym at some point then chances are they have a good opinion on the place. Some people like to get into a gym as a last resort or a bit of fun after a few months of being slimmer or trying to get back in shape. Whatever the reason ladies are now allowed to join this section of fitness in public so don’t pass it up!

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