List of the Best Pregnancy Fitness Books to Buy

pregnancy fitness books

Since we’ve been talking a lot about prenatal books lately, the question came up regarding the best pregnancy workout books. Today, I hope to answer that question and get on track for a fit 9 months! Everybody knows how important exercise is for our health.  However, it can be quite frustrating to try to continue your usual exercise routine once you become pregnant. Expectant moms have less energy, less flexibility, are carrying excess weight and may be afflicted with any number of pregnancy-related conditions over the course of nine months.  But it is still as important as ever to keep moving!

“Fit & Healthy Pregnancy: How To Stay Strong And In Shape For You And Your Baby” by Kristina Pinto

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A great book for expectant moms, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a physically active lifestyle during pregnancy.  Pinto guides moms-to-be with varied, modified workouts targeting the changes that come along with pregnancy – and includes very important information about injury prevention.  Also included is an in-depth look at returning to regular exercise once the baby is born.  A must read for actives mamas!  

“Pilates Workbook For Pregnancy: Illustrated Step-By-Step Matwork Techniques” by Michael King and Yolande Green

Through focusing on breathing techniques, light stretching, and proper technique, this book emphasizes the numerous benefits of practicing Pilates while expecting.  From beginners to moms-to-be who are more advanced, King and Green have designed an excellent book without the risk of injury to mother and child.  You can find it here.

“Runner’s World Guide To Running And Pregnancy: How To Stay Fit, Keep Safe And Have A Healthy Baby” by Chris Lundgren

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An excellent book, with a focus on the numerous health benefits of running during pregnancy, including a reduced risk of many pregnancy conditions such as high blood pressure and gestational diabetes.  A must-have for moms-to-be who run on a regular basis and are concerned about the implications of running on their babies.  

“Pregnant, Fit And Fabulous: Your Complete Guide To Exercise Before, During And After Pregnancy” by Mary Bacon

A brand new book just released from fitness and nutrition expert Mary Bacon!   This book sheds light on the importance of proper nutrition and exercise for both mother and baby. Bacon’s approach is straight-forward and simple, but there is no doubt that she is an expert in the field of fitness.

“Baby Weight: The Complete Guide For Prenatal and Postpartum Fitness” by Micky Marie Morrison

An excellent book, which includes not only exercises and nutrition tips for expectant mothers but also a series of “CoreMama” exercises which target the specific muscles which are weakened while pregnant.  As well, there is an in-depth section on postpartum exercises, which allows new moms to work out with their babies!  A must read for any mom-to-be.

So, buy any of these books and stay fit while pregnant.

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