Prenatal Yoga Exercise For Health Benefits

yoga exercise for pregnancy

If you’re wondering if yoga exercise for pregnancy is right for you, then this article was written with you in mind. Specifically, we’ll discuss how to stretch correctly and our bodies’ responses to stretches. Many women are concerned that certain poses can harm their growing bodies or even cause them to miscarry. That’s really not the case. Stretching your body properly can actually help your baby develop and grow strong. It’s important to keep in mind that every woman is different and so may her yoga movements and positions.

A good way to get started with prenatal yoga is by learning how to do the three main postures (helps for your weight bearing and stretching) first. These are standing forward bends (also known as mountain climbers), sitting twists, and prenatal twists. You can learn the various postures (if you prefer not doing them on the floor) by learning through a DVD. Some prenatal yoga classes may also offer meditation or other relaxation exercises while you practice the postures.

Yoga Exercise For Pregnancy

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As far as the actual exercise itself goes, keep in mind that it should be done on the floor only. You want to keep your center of gravity low. Keep your feet hip width apart, just below your knees. (ours will be slightly wider than your hips). With your arms hanging down, inhale and exhale deeply.

Next, you want to perform the standing forward bend, in which you lift your buttocks off the floor. You inhale, lift your buttocks as high up in the air as you can, and then exhale. Do the same with the sitting twist, which begins with the identical posture, only your legs are folded underneath you. Perform both exercises in a prayer position, holding in your belly but not your hands.

Thirdly, you can move on to the upper body and repeat the standing forward bend and the sitting twist. When you get down to the standing position, you can tighten your chest muscles. Now your arms, hands, and torso should be relaxed. You can inhale for each of these poses, and you can exhale as you release the air from your lungs.

A Much Ado

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Fourthly, you can move onto the lower back and do prenatal yoga exercises. As you relax in this pose, your stomach should move in a way that is not constricting. This ensures that you can get a lot better blood flow to the baby in addition to relaxing your muscles, which makes them more pliable and flexible. The posture of this pose is highly recommended if you have been having some back problems, or have recently had a baby.

Finally, you can move on to prenatal yoga exercises for the second trimester. This is when you are doing the most strength training exercises for your entire body. This is also a time where you may want to consider getting a lot of rest if you are a bit fatigued.

Bottom Line

However, there are a lot of health benefits of yoga for pregnant women. The poses are easy to learn, and the poses can be done in a short amount of time without really feeling like you are working out at all. It is a great form of exercise, and you will not feel like you are stressing yourself out at all. A lot of pregnant women look forward to doing yoga exercises because they know that they are going to get a lot of relaxation and will feel good about the health of their bodies. So make sure that you do a prenatal yoga class if you are pregnant.

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