Reasons You Will Fall In Love With Headscarves

Headscarves can be described as a type of scarf or clothing material is used to cover most, if not all, of a person’s head. They are typically used by women, but may also be used by men and are designed to protect the head from the elements while leaving the face uncovered. 

Headscarves, also called veils, are usually made up of either a square, rectangular or triangular cloth. However, irrespective of what shape they come in, the headscarves are folded into a triangle which then simplifies the process of tying and ensures the head is completely covered.

History Of Headscarves

The earliest reference to a veil, or the covering of one’s head with a cloth, actually comes from an Assyrian text written back in the 13th century BC. The text states that the practice was reserved simply for aristocratic women, and was said to be forbidden for those women of lower status and ill-repute. 

Non-aristocratic women who were caught wearing headscarves or other coverings were punished. However, long before that, ancient Roman, Greek, Persian, and Byzantine societies all practices veiling, a precursor of headscarves, which was used to signify one’s rank in society. These customs were then transformed into religious ones.

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