Safe Exercises During Pregnancy- Do’s And Don’ts

Safe Pregnancy Exercise

Exercising during your pregnancy is a great way to keep yourself healthy and feel your best. If you have always been physically active before pregnancy then you can continue doing exercises but with some cautions. Heavy exercises like weightlifting, jumping, skipping, bouncing, etc must be avoided in pregnancy and one should not do any exercise for a long time. Maintaining a regular exercise routine can improve your and your baby’s overall well-being, prevent discomfort in pregnancy, provide strength, relieve weakness and fatigue, improve your posture and even build stamina to make it easy during labor and delivery.

However, you should always be careful during exercises, talk to a health care expert before planning an exercise routine, and don’t overdo it. Read below to learn more about the do’s and don’ts of exercising and how to perform them safely during your pregnancy.

Who should avoid exercising?

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Pregnant women who have additional health concerns such as medical problems like heart disease, asthma, diabetes, etc must avoid exercising during pregnancy, this can worsen the health of both mother and baby, and also does further damage.

If you have some pregnancy-related health conditions then you must avoid exercise. These conditions include having a weak cervix, low placenta, bleeding, history of premature birth, threatened miscarriage, and change of position of the baby in the womb.

What are some of the safe exercises for pregnancy?

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Freehand exercise, walking, jogging, swimming, treadmill, stretching, and slow cycling are some safe pregnancy exercises you can do. The most effective safe pregnancy exercise is cardio, this includes most of the exercises listed above.

You can also join a special gym session for pregnancy, or a yoga class, prenatal yoga is very popular and ideal for pregnant women, you can also perform any of them at home. Some other safe exercises are aerobics, group dancing, stair climbing, etc.

How to be safe during exercises?

If you are new to exercise then you must start slow, don’t do excess on the first day, always begin with some warm-up and cool-down, first set maximum 10-20 minutes then increase accordingly. Wear comfortable and loose-fitting clothes, don’t wear tight shoes, don’t overdress in hot weather. Eat a proper nutritious meal to provide energy before and after work out, keep yourself hydrated, don’t hurry, get up slowly to prevent dizziness, keep your mind calm, and take frequent breaks. Be careful during movements, listen to your body, be prepared when you feel something is wrong, and never do any exercises for more than 30 minutes.


There are a number of risks of exercising during pregnancy. Consulting a doctor or a health trainer before doing any of them. Choose the suitable exercises for you that not only be effective for your baby but also prevent any harmful reaction. If you feel your conditions worsen during any activities, then stop and immediately check with your doctor. Avoid exercising in the last weeks of pregnancy, relaxing yoga and simple physical exercises are advisable with maximum rest.

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