Super Durable Play Figures Are Perfect For Little Hands! Great Gifts And Kids Dollhouse Collection!

Parents out there! Give your little girls a realistic gaming experience with this family dollhouse set. This dollhouse collection features six dolls representing a complete family including a dad, mom, and kids. The collection also features other accessories such as a bed, high chair, baby bottle, cycle, toys, etc. The dolls are made from no-toxic plastic and come with movable joints. Something that’s will delight your girl kid like never before! 

Family Dolls Set Children’s Toys

Girls love doll sets and nothing can be a better way to delight them than this family doll set. This unique set features an adorable family and comes in different models. One of the famous models features a handsome dad, a blonde-hair pregnant mom with her future baby boy, and three girls. The doll set has also tons of accessories such as a bed, cycle, kitchen utensils, and baby feeder, to name a few.

Help your kids develop a habit of self-reliance with this great doll set that’s perfect for little girls and boys alike. This toy encourages imaginary play and helps kids learn more about family life. They can use the toys and imitate the family members to promote sound relationships. Besides role play, this family doll collection is also perfect for fantasy story-telling, education, etc. They are great to help kids boost their imagination and creativity. 

This doll set is made from non-toxic plastic and is safe for kids. These fun and cute family dolls have rotatable joints. That means you can move their shoulders, arms, buttocks, knees, and so forth for more realistic and comfy gameplay. The accessories that come with the dolls are high-quality and realistic-looking. 

These dolls are great to play on their own and also with dollhouses. Your kids can use these dolls with their existing doll collection and enjoy extended family gameplay. These dolls are quite adjustable and can be an integrated part of all types of dollhouses or Barbie doll family sets. Something that’s ideal for kids above age 3.

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Pros Of Family Dolls Set Children’s Toys

  • Realistic family doll set.
  • Encourages imaginary play and boosts creativity.
  • Ideal for role plays, story-telling, education, etc.
  • Durable and non-toxic plastic construction.
  • Dolls have movable joints.

Cons Of Family Dolls Set Children’s Toys

  • The small parts of the toy collection can be toxic if ingested. So, make sure not to give them to kids below age 3. Also, adult supervision for children above this age is mandatory.
  • Some joints may come off from the doll if not handled with care.


This family doll collection featuring an adorable family of 4 or above is great for kids especially girls. The doll set has accessories that encourage realistic family gameplay. As the doll set is made from non-toxic plastic, it is safe for children above age 3. No matter whether your little girl wants to play with the dolls solely or add them to her existing dollhouse, this set wouldn’t disappoint her.

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