These Exercise During Pregnancy First Trimester Is Beneficial For Mother And Child Both

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Most of the time our whole focus is on the diet chart of pregnant women and we forget that exercise too is as important as diet during pregnancy. Sometimes exercise is avoided due to the misconception and myth that exercise is not safe for pregnant ladies. Exercise is very much important for safe pregnancy, safe delivery, and overall health of the mom and baby. Exercise helps you in fast regaining your pre-delivery shape. 

Exercise during pregnancy first trimester is necessary for the mental and physical well-being of you and your baby. You just need to choose safe exercises and do them with ease. Initially, you should establish a routine of your exercise, follow them regularly, and gradually increase the time. You must be aware of the fact that heavy exercise and heavy physical activity can lead you to severe injury and miscarriage too. So, you need to start your exercise carefully. 

Before starting exercise during pregnancy first trimester and other physical activities, make sure you are wearing a comfortable, loose-fitting dress and comfortable shoes, choose an open, airy, and sunny place so that you breathe normally.

Yoga And Meditation

Yoga is the most preferred activity today. It helps you gently stretch and strengthen your body and you develop the skill of controlling your breathing and it’s very helpful in labor.  Meditation has its mental and physical benefits. Just do the right yoga in the right amount. Meditation helps you sustain your mood swings and anxiety which is a common phenomenon during pregnancy.

Walking And Jogging

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Walking is the best exercise you can follow during your first trimester. Walking and jogging are low-impact exercises with high benefits. Walking in a  calm, cool, natural way relaxes the whole body and mind. You can walk from 10 up to 30 minutes during your first trimester. A 30 minutes walk is considered to be a compact exercise for the whole day when you think about exercise during pregnancy first trimester.

Swimming And cycling

Swimming and cycling train and strengthen your arms and legs. It makes you feel more energetic. If you are accustomed to these exercises, you can carry them easily but make sure you don’t make haste.

Kegel Exercise

Kegel exercises are considered safe in exercise during pregnancy first trimester. It strengthens the pelvic floor muscles, compresses the abdominal cavity, and helps you during labor. You need to squeeze the muscles around your vagina trying to stop the flow of your urine, hold for 10 seconds and slowly release breathing normally.


Don’t panic and don’t follow the myths, start exercising. It’s good for you and your baby. It prepares you mentally and physically for labor and delivery. Regular exercise during pregnancy first trimester reduces various delivery and post-delivery complications.

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