Three Basic Cardio Exercises For Moms – Must Know

Three Basic Cardio Exercises For Moms - Must Know

Feeling unhealthy and tired after pregnancy is natural. Many working women who are now working moms find it difficult to get back to their normal routine. It restrains new mothers from taking too much stress or doing physical activities that involve high levels of energy. But there are various cardio exercises for moms that involve low levels of energy and do not inflict any injuries on your body.

Postpartum is the period that starts immediately after childbirth. Most women feel this sudden urge to hop back to the regular fitness regime however, doctors recommend that the mother should not indulge in heavy training and intense workouts right after giving birth to a child. 

In that case, cardio exercises serve the purpose pretty well.

Cardio Exercises

Cardio exercises are often called aerobic exercises. These exercises can be low or high or medium intensity depending on the oxygen generating process of the body. The more strengthened your respiratory system, the easier are the cardio exercises.

These exercises do not involve strenuous regimes and extreme workouts. A basic cardio workout involves walking, jogging, yoga, swimming, etc.

Three Basic Cardio Exercises For Moms - Must Know
Three Basic Cardio Exercises For Moms – Must Know

Cardio Exercises For Moms

New mothers complain about having lower back pain, imbalanced weight, and reduced flexibility, etc to name a few. The best way to deal with it is by doing cardio regularly. After delivering the child you can smoothly shift back to your daily schedule and make yourself fit again.

Weight Training

If you were mildly training your body during pregnancy, adapting to a wee bit heavier training session will not take a toll on your health. However, in case you were not training in the gestation period start from scratch. After delivery, increase the intensity of weight training regularly. Weight training helps to strengthen muscles around the joint and provides the body with endurance.


You can enhance your flexibility and focus during the postnatal period. Yoga and meditation help in reducing the stress that follows the delivery. Yoga helps in strengthening of core muscles, blood circulation, and respiratory system.

Mixed Workout

A mixed workout is an hour-long workout session which involves 2-3 cardio exercises. Start with stretching for then minutes to warm up and stimulate muscles and end the session by doing cool-down stretching.

Three Basic Cardio Exercises For Moms - Must Know
Three Basic Cardio Exercises For Moms – Must Know

Stretching prevents the body from getting injured. Then go for a little weight training. Lift weights for 10-20 minutes. Mildly train the body in the initial phase. 

Other cardio exercises include aerobics, dancing, cycling which are low-impact exercises and have lesser chances of injuries.

The bottom Line

Now that your pregnancy is over, it’s time to pay attention to your physique. It is not only important to make your body look thinner but also ensure that it is healthy to function daily household chores. 

Being a mom is a tough job. Make sure you do it well without sacrificing on your health. Dedicate at least an hour a day to keep yourself active and stress-free.

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