Tips To Note While Engaging In Pregnancy Exercises

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Getting pregnant is an experience that’s likely to stick in your mind forever. The most important advice during this period is to stay active; and there’s no better way to achieve this than engaging in exercises. There are different exercises to engage in based on what trimester you’re in; these workouts range from cardio, strength training, core exercises, to stretching.

These workouts come with a lot of benefits. You’re at a lower risk of conditions like preterm birth, cesarean birth, gestational diabetes, and you do not gain weight excessively. They also aid your fitness, reduce lower back pain due to growing tummy, as well as reduce stress. There are however some tips worthy of note while engaging in pregnancy exercises. We make mention of some of them.

Avoid Holding Your Breath

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When engaging in pregnancy exercises, you need to breathe steadily. Do not hold your breath, especially when completing resistance workouts. During an exercise, exhale when you contract your muscles and inhale when you relax them. Steady breathing is really important during exercises, so go with whichever sequence suits you the best.

Find The Intensity That Best Suits You

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If you’re a beginner to the type of exercises you’re going to engage in, it is advisable to take some days to learn the sequence of the workouts. You can then start engaging in them. Give more focus to the muscles being worked out.

In the beginning, you can start by not repeating the sequence at all or making use of light weights. As you get comfortable and confident with the sequence over time, you can then increase the intensity by repeating the sequence, increasing the weight being used, or reducing your resting time between sequences.

Do Not Overexert Your Body

Choose exercises to engage in based on the time you have. You however have to balance the workouts; choose some to workout your upper body, some for your lower body, and don’t leave out your pelvic floor.

If you don’t have the time to exercise, or just feel disinterested, you don’t have to push yourself excessively to engage in them. Pregnancy comes with different emotions, so you’ll do well listening to your body. There are also times that you’ll feel extremely energetic, you can add a few exercises to your session during these times.


There are only a few events that come close to getting pregnant. You however have to ensure you stay active during the period; by engaging in exercises. There are different exercises you can engage in based on what trimester you’re in, and also some tips to note. We discuss tips to note while engaging in pregnancy exercises.

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