What Makes Aerobic Fitness For Moms Necessary?

What Makes Aerobic Fitness For Moms Necessary?

After pregnancy, your body changes completely and when it is said completely, it means that. Your body is no more the same and needs your special attention and why not? It is your body and thus, it should be given utmost priority. With increased stress and a workaholic lifestyle, aerobic fitness for moms deteriorate tremendously.

Keeping pace with the cut-throat competitive world, managing the house and office, handling kids–the struggle is real. In this hectic schedule devoting hours to physical training is not a viable option, to begin with.

Aerobic Fitness

We consider all exercises that involve the working of large muscle groups as aerobic exercises.

What Makes Aerobic Fitness For Moms Necessary?
What Makes Aerobic Fitness For Moms Necessary?

Aerobic fitness is the ability of your body to consume oxygen and generate energy.

Aerobic exercises can be of low-intensity or even high-intensity depending on the exercise and the trainee’s ability.

Factors That Can Affect Aerobic Fitness For Moms

There are dozens of factors that affect your body’s aerobic fitness. Some of these are enlisted here:

  • Age
  • Body Composition
  • Lungs Capacity
  • Mode of Exercise
  • Duration of Workout
  • Genetics

What Makes Aerobic Fitness For Moms Necessary?

As you are aging your body is losing its strength. Lethargic attitude and inactivity result in muscle loss and decreased endurance. Doing aerobic exercises such as cycling, running and dancing can help you gain your health again.

  • Decreased Risk Of Heart Ailments

Aerobic exercises help to strengthen your heart. It also enlarges your lungs that increase the capacity of it to support the intake and outturn. Cardio helps in increasing the efficiency of the heart to pump blood. It also helps in eliminating bad cholesterol from the body and increase good cholesterol.

  • Manages Body Weight

Bodyweight fluctuation becomes a thing once you attain a certain age. After pregnancy weight gain or loss creates trouble in doing daily household chores. Working on aerobic fitness will help you manage your body weight too.

  • Reduces Blood Pressure

If you ever had or are experiencing high blood pressure, it is because your aerobic fitness is decreasing. Thus, you need to focus on doing aerobic exercises more often.

  • Controls Blood Sugar

Exercising helps in regulating insulin in the body which eliminates the risk of having diabetes. 

What Makes Aerobic Fitness For Moms Necessary?
What Makes Aerobic Fitness For Moms Necessary?
  • Treats Body Aches

Low-impact exercises such as swimming and walking can help in relaxing sore muscles and treat body aches.

Final Thought

If you are a mother, you probably have an entire list of excuses for not paying due attention to your aerobic fitness. It is not-so-surprising that you don’t get enough time to breathe, let alone work on your body.

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