Work Out For Mom At Home

Work Out For Mom At Home

Are you among thousands of people who procrastinate going to the gym so often? What if a solution to this problem is there? What if you could get back into shape without heading for the gym and spending almost half an hour at home regularly? This basic Work Out For Mom is for those people who either do not prefer going to the gym or the ones who keep procrastinating. 

The ones who complain about not having enough time, the solution to that is to WAKE UP EARLY.

Exercising regularly not only keeps you fit, but it has a huge impact on how your day goes. It fills you with energy and confidence could be clearly seen in your posture.

So, here is the basic workout routine at home which does not require any equipment. It will burn fat and calories and help you get back into shape.

One more thing is of utmost importance is CONSISTENCY. You need to be consistent and make sure you follow it regularly.

Work Out For Mom At Home
Work Out For Mom At Home

Few Work Out For Mom At Home

Warm-Up Session Work Out For Mom:

1. Arm Swings

Start with backward arm swings then switch to forward.

2. Ankle Rotation

Rotate your ankles one by one backward then forward.

3. Jumping Jacks

Jump with your legs spread wide and hands touching overhead.

4. March

Moving on to the parade march which will improve the blood circulation in the legs and prepare them for the workout. After every exercise get into the march for 5-10 seconds to prevent   muscle soreness.                             

Routine Work Out For Mom:

1. Squats And Knees To Chest

Stretch your right leg out bend your knees to get into regular squat stand back up and then bring the left knee to your chest.10 on each side.

 2.  Mountain Climber

Rest your hands on the floor and get into the regular plank position. One by one move the legs slowly and try to bring them up to the chest. But remember, not to push too hard. Always listen to your body.

 3.  Plyo Push-Ups

Although traditional push-ups help in overall strength building, Plyometric push-ups provide more energy and therefore you will end up burning more calories.

Before attempting a Plyo push-up make sure you can do the regular push-ups properly. Rest your hand on the floor and get into the regular push-up position. Further to that, push yourself down and on your way back attempt to push your upper body until your hands have no connection with the ground. A beginner usually goes with 10-20 push-ups. 

  4.  Squat And Round-Kick

 Get into the regular squat. Widen your legs and bend your knees and as soon as you come up to move your leg in a circular motion (round kick). 5 kicks one by one with each leg. Try to apply full power to the kicks.

 5.  Lunge Walk

  Lunges build the leg muscles and also help in core strengthening.

Move to your left side bring your left leg forward and bend your knee while it stretches the other leg behind.

Then, bring the right one forward and repeat the same. The stomach should stay contracted at all times. 5 on both sides.

 6.  Crunches

 Crunches help in tightening the belly and also in developing the six-pack abs. Lie on the floor with your knees bent. Bring both hands behind your head and gently scrunch up slowly and then release down. A beginner usually goes with 8-12 crunches.

Work Out For Mom At Home
Work Out For Mom At Home

These were some basic exercises which can be performed at home and will definitely help in burning calories if done regularly. Take some time out and follow this super easy and less than a 300-minute workout to burn some calories and get back into shape.

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